Harvey Ronglien's story - "State Schooler"

The grant year started January 1, and I hit the ground running. The first interview I did was with Harvey Ronglien, in Owatonna, Minnesota. In 2010, Curtis and I did a concert at the Owatonna Arts Center.  In the back hallways, there were many glass display cases, filled with photos, articles, and artifacts from the 1930s and 40s. They told the story of the "State School," the state orphanage in Minnesota.   

Loretta and Harvey in the living room of Cottage 11. The kids were required to scrub and wax this living room floor, but they could never sit in there. It was for "show" only, such as when visitors came, which was very seldom.



Grant from Arts Board vs Rocking on the Porch!

When I was a little kid, sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch with the family on a warm summer night, we would watch the cars go by. Understand that I grew up in the country, right on Highway 36 (then called 212), which led  into downtown Stillwater, Minnesota. Nowadays untold thousands of cars pass that way each day, but in those days each car was an exciting event. I dearly wanted to know where each one was going.  What was their story - where had they come from, where were they headed, what would they do when they got there, had they encountered roadblocks along the way?

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